Hi, This is the private site of Bertram Pohl.

With private I mean private. Thus you wont find any information about my professional life around here.

The intent is to provide info, stories, pictures, etc. for family and friends. Although I have nothing to hide, I do not wish to share this with the entire world. Thus the main section, being the Private link, has been password protected. The same applies to the history / news and download sections.

Version History:

Date: Version: Comment:
v1.3x In versions v1.3x, the final v1.xx Layout will be developed.
v1.2x In versions v1.2x, the Graphical Interface, Backgrounds, etc. will be developed.
v1.1x In versions v1.1x, Features, Pictures and Text will be cleaned up.
soon v1.0x

In versions v1.0x, the basic site will simply be developed. Text and Features will be implemented.

19 Apr 2003 v1.04 Forum added.
09 Aug 2002 v1.03 Developed even more Text, started the history/news section and included download instructions.
08 Aug 2002 v1.02 Developed more Text, corrected "Updated" date and time, Added new picture pages and Added DownLoad Page.
08 Apr 2002 v1.01

Developed Text in some pages, introduced Java Applets.

06 Apr 2002 v1.00

First Upload.


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